Meet up on the Orient Express

The Orient have heard it many times. The romance, the mystery, the adventure! Of course with the opulence too!

This trip brings back the romance and adventure of train travel, along with the mystery of new cities and countries. Brought back in a special way, adding value and removing inflated expense of excessive opulence by replacing it with service and contemporary refinement. The journey will mirror elements of the original Orient Express route from Paris to Istanbul.

The trip starts in Paris and has full 3 days there. Also staying 2 full days in each - Vienna, Venice, Prague and Budapest, ending with 3 nights in Istanbul.

Included: train or air travel between the 6 cities, transfers to hotels, train stations or airports, guided tours in each city, one or more meals a day, museum entrances, wine tasting and much more!

In addition, many other options and extras are included. We travel as a group, and also have the flexibility of hop-on, hop-off tours and museum passes with "skip the line" so you enjoy a complete independence. You are free to do your own thing, cater to your special interests, visit other sights and locations in the cities, while still being guided and helped with all the arrangements. You can do it independently, or you can join new friends traveling with you, and do it together. The idea is come alone, meet new like-minded people and make lifelong memories...without being stuck with the "one size fits all" tour formula.

Here is a basic thumbnail:

** Paris for 3 nights

* 1 Night on Train Paris to Venice

**Venice for 1 night

* 1 Night on Train Venice to Vienna

**Vienna for 1 night

* 1 Night on Train Vienna to Prague

** Prague for 1 night

* 1 Night on Train Prague to Budapest

** Budapest for 1 night

* Late evening flight Budapest to Istanbul

** Istanbul for 3 nights.

* Sleeping compartments in the trains and First Class hotels in each city with very central location

What was The Orient Express?

It was long-distance passenger train service that began in 1883 with the original endpoints being Paris to Istanbul. In Istanbul the Pera Palace Hotel, built in 1892 as the accommodations at the terminus. And we are staying in it! The original name became synonymous with intrigue and was a showcase of luxury with comfort at a time when traveling was still rough and dangerous. The route changed many times and was eventually shortened to Bucharest, and later to Budapest as the endpoint. And again shortened to either Venice or Vienna. By 2007 The Orient Express was only Paris to Strasbourg, and in 2009 stopped service altogether. So the real Orient Express is but a memory.

EVERY aspect of this trip is epic. Visit picturesque and storied cities. Enjoy four night trains and experience the enchantment of the rails. We are even staying in the original destination of Pera Palace Hotel in Istanbul with its grandeur and opulence.

In the end you will have visited 6 countries: France, Italy, Austria, Czech Republic, Hungary and Turkey!


* 4 night trains with sleeping compartment accommodations

* 10 nights in 4-star or higher category hotels with best central locations

* All transfers

* Guided tours in each city

* Entrances to museums in each city

* At least one meal a day

and more...


The only way to secure your spot is a $500 deposit. Fully refundable up to 90 days before departure. Final payment due 60 days before. Secure Deposit Link:

$3940 total cost per person, double occupancy.

$5230 total cost for solo occupancy.


Limited capacity of 24 total.

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Live the adventure instead of only dreaming it!

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